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30 December 2014 @ 11:03 pm
HSJ Anniversary Exchange 2014: Masterpost  
here's the masterpost (and respective writers) for all the fics churned out from the yutoyama hsj anniversary exchange 2014!

thank you for all your participation and encouragement (we know that nonparticipating fans were a huge moral support to the writers). we are also truly sorry for the (huge) delay but here's the reveal as promised.

in no particular order:

"Thank you for your purchase, we hope you'll have a nice day." by turtleheartz (beta: butts_anonymous)
for defiancebyfire; AU / Romance
word count: ~2,500 words
summary: Yuto gets a part-time job at a combini near his campus.

All those things that we are not by lady_aenea (beta: B)
for an_jung; Angst / Romance / MPREG
word count: 8,200~ words
summary: Yuto left Johnny’s & Associates ten years ago and thought that part of his life was over, but he was wrong.

Day 1 by an_jung (beta: eurichan)
for ao_hoshi; Romance / Fluff
word count: 3,921 words
summary: Ryosuke fell in love with Yuto when he plays drums. He doesnt know that Yuto and he have alitle accident. Yuto found Ryosuke really annoying. But Ryosuke doesnt change and still chase Yuto. Will Yuto heart will turn on Ryosuke?

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to Be Yours by obsessed_makpa (beta: eurichan)
for lovetoosweet; AU / Romance
word count: ~2,700 words
summary: Yuto is a Gryffindor chaser. Yamada is a Hufflepuff seeker. They fly around in circles and find each other on land. (feat. Chinen as the Quidditch commentator because of course.)

flying without wings by re_riko (beta: eurichan)
for yatsuiko_chan; Slice-of-Life / Fluff / Hurt/Comfort / AU
word count: 10,192 words
summary: they haven't seen each other for so long, and yuto doesn't expect to see yamada with a child. and chinen is just a great friend.

It's Okay, That's Love by lovetoosweet (beta: myturntocry)
for dusk037; Romance / Angst
word count: 4,900 words
summary: Like any other I-fell-for-my-best-friend-story, yours is just one of many.

It’s 3am, we must be lonely by xingphonic (beta: eurichan)
for katieisperalda; Slice of life / Romance / Fluff / modern setting AU
word count: 8,766 words
summary: Yuto thinks he knows why Chinen suddenly takes on a new housemate, but eventually he discovers that he doesn’t really mind.

Small Fetish by ao_hoshi (beta: akari1507)
for turtleheartz; Fluff
word count: 2,573 words
summary: Ryosuke's attempt to confess to his crush who has a smell fetish with the interruption of his senpai and his own over jealous nature.

The Limits by katieisperalda (beta: not mentioned in submission)
for rezarick; Angst
word count: 8,395 words
summary: Inoo knew Yamada and Yuto better than themselves.

All Of This by defiancebyfire (beta: iloveohmiya)
for lady_aenea; Slice of Life / Angst / Fluff
word count: 8,894 words
summary: Another night (alone) (with her). But I'm always wanting you.
Warnings/Disclaimers: Trigger-warning for the people affected by the 2011 Earthquake. I do not own J&A or any of its talents. Story inspired by real-life events.

The Disappearance of Yamada Ryosuke by rezarick (beta: notinaji)
for re_riko; Slight slice-of-life with a sprinkle of drama
word count: 2,828 words
summary: The difference between happiness and contentment.

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words by yatsuiko_chan (beta: ayaelf92)
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
for nightbaron079; Romance / Slice of Life
word count: 30,941 words
summary: University AU.

Home is where our lost time is by dusk037 (beta: iloveohmiya, alienashi)
for obsessed_makpa; AU / Adventure
word count: 6,200~ words
summary: Fate. A load of bullsh**, according to Yamada Ryosuke. (aka the Get Backers AU made of fail)

Occupational Hazard by nightbaron079
Part I | Part II | Part III
for xingphonic; AU / Angst / Fluff
word count: 15,531 words
summary: What happens when the boss of the secret spy organization you are a part of is also a self-proclaimed matchmaker? Feelings, of course. A lot of feelings.

do leave comments if you have any points for us to improve. comments are screened, rest assured.

once again, we are sorry for the delay and thank you for staying with us until now.

thank you and see you in the next exchange ♥